About us


S.C. CRIS PREVENIRE TOTAL CONSULTING S.R.L.-D was founded in 2011, has as main objective the provision of services:
- OH&S accreditation based on Ministry of Labour
- Consulting Emergencies / Fire Prevention staff with technical qualifications framework

Why with us?

Our company is accredited as a OH & S External Service by the Ministry of Labour. We will propose a partnership to fulfill legal obligations may arise as the legislation in the areas of Health and Safety at Work and Safety and Emergencies, PSI or ISCIR. Our team consists of people with experience of over 20 years in the field, and young professionals. We cover several counties in the country of which: Olt, Valcea, Dolj, Teleorman.

In addition, we have a transparent pricing policy and try to retain our partners by providing additional benefits such as checking fire extinguishers, consulting for releasing medical records.

What it means to respect OH&S legislation?

Law 319/2006 on safety and health at work applies in all fields both private and public with a few exceptions such as military, police etc. In law obligations are found for both employers and workers. Besides the basic law issued several government decisions regulating or certain areas (eg HG300 / 2006 for temporary and mobile sites) are certain aspects which are not detailed in law or in the implementing rules.

First should be considered organization of labor protection, meaning identification of the person / people dealing with this and their tasks (eg designated worker / service internal / OH&S external service, etc.) and fulfillment of all legal obligations under all aspects (granting protective gear, equipment requiring periodic review ISCIR, check grounding, occupational medicine, etc.).

Secondly, there are regular activities (work safety trainings, meetings CSSM, etc.) which are designed to inform and train workers.