OH & S

Operate prevention and protection stipulated in art. 15 (1) of the Implementing Rules of the Law no. 319/2006:

1. Perform general introductory training in health and safety at work.

2. Develop and update the plan of prevention and protection.

3. Development of instructions for completion and / or application of the rules of safety and health at work, taking account of the specific activities and unit / enterprise and Job / workstation.

4. The proposal tasks and responsibilities in health and safety at work, incumbent workers, corresponding to the functions performed, which

5.Identificarea hazard and risk assessment for each component of the system work (executive task work means work, work equipment and work environment jobs / workstations) and the establishment of technical, organizational and specific health.

6. Preparation of technical documentation necessary information and training of workers in health and safety at work.

7. Develop themes for all phases of training, establishing appropriate periodicity for each job, provide information and training for workers in health and safety at work and checking knowledge and application of information received by workers.

8. Develop training-testing program in the undertaking and / or establishment.

9. Ensure the preparation of the plan of action in case of serious and imminent danger, according to Art. 101-107 of rules for the application of Law no. 319/2006 and ensuring that all employees are trained to apply it.

10. Evidence of high risk areas and specifically referred to in art. 101-107 of rules for the application of Law no. 319/2006.

11. Establishment of areas requiring a safety and health at work, determining the type and location of signaling required according to GD. 971/2006 on minimum requirements for the safety and / or health at work.­

12. Evidence of trades and professions provided by specific legislation, which requires the exercise of their authorization.

13. Checking operation of alarm systems, warning, emergency signaling and safety systems.

14. Informing the employer in writing of deficiencies found during checks at the workplace and propose measures for prevention and protection.

15. Preparation of reports and / or lists provided by the Decree, issued under art. 51 para. (1) b) of Law no. 319/2006, including those related to asbestos, vibration, noise and temporary and mobile sites.

16. Identify personal protective equipment required for work stations in society and drawing equipment needs of workers with personal protective equipment, according to GD. 1048/2006 concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for the use by workers of personal protective equipment at work.

17. Participation in research events under powers laid down in art. 108-142 of rules for the application of Law no. 319/2006.­

18. Preparation of records according to jurisdiction under Art. 108- 142 of the rules for the application of Law no. 319/2006.

19. Reporting on occupational accidents suffered by workers in society, in accordance with Art. 12 paragraph (1) d) of Law no. 319/2006.

20. Follow up the implementation of measures ordered by labor inspectors, during control visits and research events.

21. Collaboration with workers and / or workers' representatives in the company, the occupational physician, to coordinate prevention and protection.

22. Collaboration with designated workers / internal services / external services / other employers, where several employers operating in the same job.

23. Follow-up Plan update warning and preventive protection plan and evacuation plan.­

24. Proposal of sanctions and incentives for workers to perform the tasks on the basis of security and health.

25. Proposal of clauses on safety and health at work at the conclusion of service contracts with other employers, including those concluded with foreign employers.

26. Preparation of necessary material resources for such activities.



The Organization of advise for prevention and extinguishing in accordance with current legislation (Law no. 307/2006 on fire protection, Article 19 a), f), g), h), j), order MAI.163 / 2007 for the approval of general fire protection, Article 5, a), b), c), d), e), f), g), h), k), l) , n), OMAI 712/2005 approving the general provisions on training employees in emergency situations, Article 7, Article 8, para. (1), Article 9, letter a) and b), Article .10-20, as amended and supplemented by OMAI 786/2005).

a) Perform general introductory training for fire protection.

b) Establishment of structures in the field of defense against fire;

c) Development of the authority: decisions, regulations, decisions that establish liability on line defense against fire;

d) Develop specific documents and records fire protection (documents related to organizing trainings, establishing powers of fire protection line, drafting instructions for fire protection in the workplace, preparing evacuation plan has people and plan storage and discharge of hazardous materials);

e) The execution of periodic inspections, in order to detect, knowledge and removal imminent danger fire may favor the initiation or development;


iscir / rsvti oPERATor

Mandatory minimum requirements for installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance, repair and periodic technical inspection of equipment which fall within the ISCIR are grouped into a set of normative called technical regulation. Each technical regulation applies to a group of devices that are constructively and functionally similar.

Accordance with the technical works: installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, repair and periodical technical inspection must be performed by companies authorized by ISCIR .

- Appliances with nominal P ≤ 400 kW used for heating fueled by gas or liquid fuel (hot air generators, instances of DHW, radiant tube heaters, convectors, air conditioning);
- Hot water boilers with rated power P ≤ 400 kW and maximum temperature hot water not exceeding 110ºC, gas fueled, liquid or solid;
- Low pressure steam boilers with nominal flow rate Q ≤ 0.6 t / h and maximum pressure steam at most 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar) supplied with fuel gas, liquid or solid.